IFW Program
8-11 April 2019
This is an invitation only luncheon for senior executives. Two lead speakers will present the recent developments with insurance innovation and emerging technologies. Venue: TBA
Islamic Finance is a growing stream in global financial services. The growth permeates to retail and corporate banking, project financing, asset management, insurance and leasing. The summit will resonate on the innovation and technology dimension of Islamic financial services towards participation of local and global practitioners. Venue: ICC
Boat tour on the Bosporus.
Capital markets evolve in an exponential fashion. Innovation changes the way securities are issued, traded, stored and cleared. Marketplaces go fully-digital. Transactions are complete in nano-seconds. Asset management runs on sophistication as crypto products are included in portfolios. WealthTech is also a buzzword these days in financial industry. It transcribes into applications with AI, machine learning, data analytics and intelligent robots. The WealthTech influence in asset management and capital markets is the primary goal of this session of which its speakers will bring to the board towards their professional experience.
The era towards self-sufficiency in capacity and infrastructure is nearly over. As customer journey comes to the fore, expectations ratchet up. Legacy systems are not always readily available to meet with the changing demand. This does not only lead to emergence of new players with agile and efficient solutions but also to a landscape where market leaders feel forced to collaborate with the new entrants. How does this landscape need to be structured to optimize the collaboration? The panelists will attempt to find answers to this question.
Despite being debated widely, regulation draws the framework of doabilities in the capital markets. This is a key element given the progressive nature of securities markets and asset management industry. Main legislative instruments such as MiFID are poised to spearhead the financial markets regulation. Countries are usually following up to converge with the key markets. The panelists will discuss the current regulatory environment in EU and Turkey and delve into future trends.
Crowdfunding has become an agenda topic only recently. It helps to promote investment opportunities that usually fall short for a VC scope. Crowdsourcing of small investors on a digital platform is also a substantial upside. The presenter will explain the underpinnings with crowdfunding, innovation aspect, tokenization and secondary market.
Making infrastructures intelligent is running amok in financial services. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, robo-advisors and chatbots are key enablers of this process. Opinions vary across the board whereas the use cases spring up. The panel offers an opportunity to hear it from the practitioners. What is the real impact of AI in wealth management? What are the primary use cases that lead the way?
Though belated, the dramatic growth in Turkish pension industry shores up asset management. It is now a market of multi-million-pensioners and multi-billion value. The market grows as well the competition among asset managers becomes fierce. There is also an altruistic role of pensions to support financial inclusion and literacy. Digitization is one of the venues for such goal as the panelists will discuss.
Crypto currencies, crypto assets, initial coin offerings and others. All are in this panel with a particular highlight in capital markets. The whole concept is acknowledged as a game changer in the investment landscape. The presenter will discuss how and why such change comes into play.
Crypto currencies and the prevailing winds: Is it all madness, nonsense, a bubble, a scam, a ponzi scheme, and a threat to establishment? Or is it an irreversable twist of evolution, a game changer, or even a revolution? What does it mean to the man in the street? Are we getting sucked into a fatal vortex, are we falling behind, or are we galloping at full speed? Trying to make sense of it all. Can we make sense of it all? A fast paced stand-up comedy performance.
Event Venue
Istanbul Congress Center, Harbiye
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