3 May 2018, Istanbul
Insure & Innovate
Digitalization, IoT, machine learning, telematics, data analytics, blockchain and other innovations
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Artificial Intelligence
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Internet of Things

Some major agenda discussions have either disappeared from the insurance landscape or shifted into brand-new topics. The innovation is now upon us in the industry; it’s no secret. The question, instead, is how the industry will be impacted from this sea of change. Digitalization, IoT, machine learning, telematics, robo-advisors,  data analytics, and blockchain are only a few of the top agenda items.

Insure & Innovate Summit gathers thought-leaders, business leaders, innovators, startups, investors and service providers to dwell on the latest with the insurance innovation. Participants will have ample opportunities during the Summit to meet, interact, learn, benchmark and collaborate.

Speakers Lineup
Co-founder @ Botudio
Chief Legal Advisor @ Insurance Association of Turkey
Digital Channels Unit Manager @ Anadolu Sigorta
Founder and Board Member @ Agito
Co-founder @ Drive Buddy
Board Member @ Sigorta Cini
Chief Investment Officer @ Eli Global LLC
CEO @ AcerPro
EVP and CDO @ Eureko
Strategist, Mentor and Advisor
CMO @ B3i
CEO @ InsurTech Israel
Founder @ Sigortaliyo.com
COO @ Telesure
CEO @ Ingenin
CEO @ NN Turkey
Chief Strategy Officer @ Allianz
Co-founder @ Bisigortacı
Founder @ Ottoo
SVP @ Garanti
Managing Director @ Guy Carpenter
Founder @ Sigorta.io
Founder @ Virtual i
Head of Innovation @ Allianz Turkey
Event Agenda
Insurance industry evolves in an exponential fashion. Innovation changes the way insurance and reinsurance products are developed, processed and delivered. Insurance services go fully-digital. Awareness of the conventional players has dramatically increased towards innovation. The inquiry is what awaits the insurance industry and services in the way forward.
Turkey has a vibrant financial industry as the banks lead the way. Insurance industry has also made strides in sophistication and intermediation. An eye-catching growth in private pensions brings enthusiasm to the insurance industry. There are still ways and means to be tackled towards a sustainable growth. The panel hosts two experts to resonate on recent developments, challenges and opportunities.
InsurTech is a buzz word and a trending topic these days in insurance industry. It transcribes into applications with AI, IoT, machine learning, data analytics, risk management and intelligent robots. The InsurTech influence is the primary goal of this session of which its speakers will bring to the board towards their professional experience. Speakers will delve into practitioner’s experience in various markets across the globe.
The era towards self-sufficiency in capacity and infrastructure is nearly over. As customer journey comes to the fore, expectations ratchet up. Legacy systems are not always readily available to meet with the changing demand. This does not only lead to emergence of new players with agile and efficient solutions but also to a landscape where market leaders feel forced to collaborate with the new entrants. How does this landscape need to be structured to optimize the collaboration? The panelists will attempt to find answers to this question.
Despite being debated widely, regulation draws the framework of doabilities in the insurance market. This is a key element given the progressive nature of the insurance applications. The panelists will discuss the current regulatory environment in EU and Turkey and delve into future trends.
Amid fierce competition, insurance service providers are driven towards efficiency and user satisfaction. Customer journey is now a buzzword as understanding the customer has become a key catalyst. Reaching to and engaging with new generation customers is the key success factor for the future. Digitization is one of the venues for a sustainable customer onboarding as the panelists will discuss mins and maxs that a service provider can offer to clients.
A decent value with bancassurance services lies in the integrated services that are enabled through technology and innovation. The service which is processed through connected devices and infrastructures will rule the day in bancassurance innovation. The panel will host views from practitioners on how technology changes the way bancassurance is delivered.
Making infrastructures intelligent is running amok in financial services. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and chatbots are key enablers of this process. Opinions vary across the board whereas the use cases spring up. The panel offers an opportunity to hear it from the practitioners. What is the real impact of AI in insurance? What are the primary use cases that lead the way?
DLT, blockchains, crypto products and others. All are in this session with a particular highlight on insurance. The whole concept is acknowledged as a game changer in particular services. The presenter will discuss how and why such change comes into play.
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Maritime Museum
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